RTW Itinerary

The following are the itineraries for my two round the world trips, both of which spanned several months.

RTW Trip #1-

January 2009

15- fly Pittsburgh, PA, USA to Tokyo, Japan via Chicago

16- arrive Tokyo

19- Kyoto

22- fly Tokyo, Japan to Bangkok, Thailand.  Romping around South East Asia ensues.


romping around South East Asia, notably Thailand and Laos


early March- Cambodia to see Angkor Wat

9- fly Bangkok, Thailand to Munich, Germany via Abu Dhabi, UAE

rest of March- Germany to Austria to Italy


early April- got stuck in Florence, stayed there indefinitely in a parallel universe but not in this one because…

12- Miscolc, Hungary- Easter with my Hungarian relatives!

Post-Easter- More Hungary, Bosnia, Croatia


May 2- budget flight from Croatia to Dublin, Ireland, two weeks in Ireland before flying to Scotland

rest of May- touring the UK- Scotland, England, and a touch of Wales


June 1- fly to Greece for a Mediterranean cruise with the parents and my sister!

June 10ish- fly to Johannesburg, South Africa via Paris, France- safari and Cape Town ensues (w/ parents and sister)

late June- a three week, 7000km overland journey begins in Cape Town (w/ sis), and we first head north and explore Namibia


beginning of July- Botswana

mid-July- Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, overland journey terminates and sister flies home

the last leg- Cape Town to Johannesburg overland

July 30-31- fly back to the US on a grueling long haul, Johannesburg-Doha, Qatar- Washington Dulles- Boston.  I was doing well until 24 hours in they canceled my flight and treated me terribly as a reintroduction to the quality of American air carriers, which may have caused me to cry in front of an airline representative

RTW Trip #2-

early February 2011- mid March: Eastern Africa: fly to Zanzibar, proceed through Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda

March 2011- April: fly to Hong Kong, proceed to travel overland to Kathmandu via southern China, Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Tibet… lots of train rides!

mid April- mid May: Nepal. I spent just under a month here both being adventurous and interviewing/ getting accepted to graduate school in Amsterdam!

May- mid June: a whirlwind tour through Europe consisting of Hungary to see relatives, Amsterdam to visit where I was going to live/work for the next four years, Berlin to see a friend, and Ireland on the way home because I’ve always liked it

Obviously “RTW #2” doesn’t quite count as a “round the world trip” because I never properly went all the way around, but if you have a better explanation for what I did I’d like to hear it.

One response to “RTW Itinerary

  1. Being acclimatized to minus 20 C, you’ll get a shock when you leave your plane at Bangkok airport, see here 🙂

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