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If you’re new to my blog, there is a lot of information here from nearly 50 countries on six continents.  In an effort to make things manageable if you haven’t been here since the beginning, here are a handful of posts from various countries and escapades that stand out in some way-

RTW Trip #1 January-July 2009


Photo: Japanese Bicycle and Cat– Perhaps my favorite photograph taken in Japan.

Exploring Tokyo– My wanderings around what is one of the biggest cities in the world

Kyoto– Involving geishas, temples, and a French Canadian.

“Rest in Peace. We will not commit the same mistake again.” My sobering visit to the Peace Park and Museum in Hiroshima to commemorate the victims and history of the atomic bomb dropped there.


A Day at Buddha View– Doing a basic PADI diving course at Buddha View Dive Resort on Ko Tao.

Ko Tao Continued– It was such a great island we had a hard time leaving, so this post continues the island explorations.

The Grand Palace– Located in Bangkok and home of the Thai monarchy, this palace is filled with exquisite architecture and is incredibly photogenic!

Flashback: Chang Mai Cooking Class– In which I take a Thai cooking class and eat the delicious results.


The Gibbon Experience– Playing around on ziplines and living in treehouses a few days, complete with a mid-air collision and hippies at the end.

Video: Zipline, Gibbon Experience, Laos– A zipline video from the above adventure!

Luang Nam Tha– Dispatch from a town off the beaten trail in Laos, where you’ll find chickens on the bus and get invited off the street to a Lao wedding.

Kayaking to Vientiane– It turns out you can kayak from the tourist town of Vang Vieng to the capital of Laos instead of taking the bus. My journey, complete with an epic French dinner at the end of it.


Welcome to Cambodia– How international safety regulations are subject to cultural relativism and first impressions of Siem Reap.

Angkor Wat Archeological Park– A must-see for anyone who ever wanted to explore jungle temples and pretend they’re Indiana Jones.


Deutches Museum– In Munich, this museum of science and engineering is home to an amazing geek-out!

Neuschwanstein (and why you should always check your train ticket)– Because sometimes you read it wrong and get on the wrong train…


Journey to Hollerschbach– An epic all-day skiing adventure in and around Kitzbuhel, Austria.


Capri– Enjoying one of the prettiest islands on the planet in springtime.

Pompeii– Everyone’s favorite ancient Roman town buried in 79 A.D. by lava from Mount Vesuvius.

The Rated-X Pompeii Post– As the name implies, not safe for work!

Honorable Mention #1: San Marino, the lovely microstate within Italy

Honorable Mention #2: The Holy See, the second microstate within Italy also known as Vatican City


Tarcal (Tokaji Region)– My family is from this little town in the winelands of Hungary originally, and my uncle still has a small vineyard here.  Coincidentally I find Tokay wine to be one of the best in the world.

Pecs– A lovely little town in southwest Hungary that is a must-see.

FOOD!– All about delicious things to eat in Hungary, probably not best to look at this one before mealtimes.

Bosnia and Herzegovina-

Sarajevo– One of the prettiest cities in Europe.  Really.

Taking in Recent History– Hearing about the Siege of Sarajevo from those who lived it.


Hvar– Another spot that’s a prime candidate for the “prettiest island on Earth” award.


Galway– On Guinness and trad and an amazing little town on the West Coast of Ireland.

Gone Fiddling– An unforgettable few days spent learning to Irish fiddle and going out to trad sessions with local musicians!

United Kingdom-

Edinburgh– The capital of Scotland is one of the best cities in Britain!

Loch Ness– Yes there is a Loch Ness booze cruise, and they equip it with sonar in hopes of finding the monster and stock it with Sheepshagger beer. Not making this up.

Bath and Stonehenge– Does anyone know if Bath’s name comes from the baths there or if we call them baths in English thanks to Bath?  And why is Stonehenge such a disappointment in reality?


Delos and Mykonos– If you can only go to one Greek island I think I’d recommend Mykonos.  Amazing spot and the “Greek Pompeii” of the island of Delos is a day trip away.

South Africa-

The Lion King has Ruined Everything– An introduction to Africa while on safari.  It turns out while on safari one quotes The Lion King a lot.

Video: Leopard and Hyena Fight at Mala Mala– The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen on safari and I’ve got it on video!  Rare footage of a hyena and leopard fighting over a dead baby zebra carcass.

Robben Island– Touring the world’s most infamous prison with someone who had been imprisoned there for years as a guide, and remembering apartheid.

Yvette and the Infamous Ostrich Ride– I rode an ostrich.  It turns out it was a lot harder than it was in Super Mario.

Bungy Jump of Doom– I did the world’s tallest bungy jump in South Africa, but I swear the cord started slipping while I was dangling at the bottom.  Incidentally, I am now retired from bungy jumping.

Rules of the Overland Road– For anyone who is wondering what overlanding is like in Africa, here is an overview of the day-to-day from my Cape Town to Victoria Falls trip.

Honorable Mention: Journey to Lestotho, the beautiful mountainous country in the middle of South Africa


Namibia– An overview of one of the most barren and unusual nations on Earth, where civilization is so scarce it took days for news of Michael Jackson’s death to reach us (and when it did, it was written on a chalkboard in a petrol station).

Cheetah, Dancing to the Beat-ah– Visiting a cheetah farm where we got to pet real live cheetahs!


The Okavango Delta– The world’s largest inland delta where one must paddle in on mkoro canoes- watch out for the hippo pool though!

Chobe National Park– Another safari in the area with the highest concentration of elephants on the planet.


Welcome to Zimbabwe– I visited the country in July 2009 when the nation was in the throes of the worst hyperinflation since World War II.  I have a 50 trillion dollar bill to show for it, but the shortages and desperation were everywhere.

Victoria Falls– Known in the local language as Mosi-oa-Tunya, “the smoke that thunders”

RTW #2, other countries, etc etc coming soon!

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